Why Saudi Arabia Keeps Partnering With Blockchain Startups – 沙特阿拉伯为何与B股连锁初创公司保持合作



Polina Marinova

May 7, 2018


Saudi Arabia is getting friendly with U.S.-based blockchain-focused startups.

The Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology recently partnered with ConsenSys, a Brooklyn-based production studio focused on building enterprise software products powered by Ethereum. The ministry co-hosted a “blockchain bootcamp” with ConsenSys as part of its efforts to support technological development.

The three-day bootcamp provided in-depth training on how to create a development environment and build decentralized applications. You might have noticed that this isn’t the first time Saudi Arabia has gotten cozy with a blockchain startup. It recently also partnered with Ripple, the San Francisco-based fintech startup known for the XRP coin.

The kingdom’s defacto central bank teamed up with Ripple to pilot instant cross-border payments between banks in the region using the blockchain. Ripple said this would allow for faster, cheaper, and more transparent transactions.

The Saudi central bank is also working with the United Arab Emirates central bank to issue a digital currency that would be accepted in cross-border transactions between the two countries. As the Saudi government continues to experiment with digital currencies, it signifies a transfer of focus from oil to emerging technologies, such as blockchain and digital tokens.

Ahmed Al-Thenayyan, Saudi Arabia’s deputy minister for the technology industry and digital capacities, said that AI, Internet of Things, and the blockchain “serve as major contributor[s] to the Industry 4.0 and the development of GDP.”

沙特阿拉伯正在与总部位于美国的B连锁连锁公司初露头角。沙特通讯和信息技术部最近与ConsenSys合作,这是一家总部位于布鲁克林区的生产工作室,致力于建造由EthUM供电的企业软件产品。该部与ConsenSys共同主办了“封锁链自助营”,以支持技术发展。为期三天的BooCup提供了如何创建开发环境和构建分散式应用程序的深入培训。你可能已经注意到,这是ISNWPAP60300 7QTET第一次沙特阿拉伯变得舒适与链链启动。它最近还与波普公司合作,总部位于三藩的芬科公司以XRP硬币闻名。事实上,中央银行与波多黎各联合银行,利用涟漪链,在该地区的银行间进行即时跨境支付。里普尔说,这将允许更快、更便宜、更透明的交易。沙特央行也在与阿拉伯联合酋长国央行合作,发行一种将在两国间的跨境交易中接受的数字货币。随着沙特政府继续对数字货币进行试验,它意味着将注意力从石油转移到新兴技术,如BigStand和数字令牌。沙特阿拉伯技术工业和数字能力部副部长Ahmed Al Thenayyan说,AI、物联网和Bu链WPA6034QTEVE是行业4的主要贡献者和GDPWPA60300 6QTE的发展。


Why Saudi Arabia Keeps Partnering With Blockchain Startups - 沙特阿拉伯为何与B股连锁初创公司保持合作

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