Welcome to the New Fortune.com – 欢迎来到新财富网

Welcome to the New Fortune.com - 欢迎来到新财富网



Andrew Nusca

May 8, 2018

Andrew Nusca 2018年5月8日

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the all-new Fortune.com—the first major facelift to Fortune’s website in four years, when we split from CNNMoney.com and our then-publisher, Time Warner.

OK, OK, so that’s a bit of a fib. In truth, our intrepid team of product managers, designers, and engineers have been rebuilding this website all along—you just may not have noticed. Over the years we’ve reworked many of the components of the site, including its article pages, franchise/list pages, photo galleries, and underlying feeds. Last month we debuted an all-new template for our longform magazine feature stories (see it in action by reading Jen Wieczner’s thrilling tale of Bitcoin’s biggest villain); today’s homepage launch largely caps our yearlong process.

Welcome to the New Fortune.com - 欢迎来到新财富网

The new design is more spacious than its elder counterpart and more balanced in terms of how it presents stories. We hope you’ll more easily notice and discover newer sections (such as The Ledger, our home for blockchain and cryptocurrency coverage, and Humor, for sly satire) as well as longstanding but difficult-to-find destinations such as Commentary, Design, and Luxury.

We’ve still got more nips and tucks to do, of course, but we hope you like it. Have feedback or simply want to say hello? Drop us a line by tweeting at us on Twitter: @FortuneMagazine. And thank you, always, for reading.

我很高兴欢迎您来到全新的财富。这是四年来FuneWPA60607QTES网站的第一次重大改版,当时我们从CNNMONYY网站和当时的出版商时代华纳公司分拆。好的,好的,所以WPA60607QTES有点FIB。事实上,我们的产品经理、设计师和工程师无畏的团队一直在重建这个网站,你可能没有注意到。多年来WeWPA60607QTEVE重新构建了站点的许多组件,包括它的文章页、专营权/列表页、照片库和底层饲料。上个月,我们推出了一个全新的模板为我们的长形杂志专题故事(通过阅读JEN WiZnNeWPAP60300 7QTES惊悚故事的BITCONIWPAP60300 7QTES最大的恶棍);今天WPAP60300 7QTES主页的推出很大程度上限制了我们一年的过程。WPA6022602IMG新的设计比它的老对手更宽敞,在它如何呈现故事方面更平衡。我们希望YouWPA60607QTELT更容易发现并发现更新的部分(如Ledger,我们的Band Studio和Curruturrror覆盖的家,以及幽默,狡猾讽刺),以及长期的,但难以找到的目的地,如评论,设计和豪华。当然,WEWPA60607QTEVE还有更多的NIPS和TUKK,但是我们希望你们喜欢。有反馈或只是想打招呼?在Twitter上给我们发一条短信:谢谢你,一直以来,我都在读书。


Welcome to the New Fortune.com - 欢迎来到新财富网

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