The World’s First Trade Finance Transaction on the Blockchain Involves Soybeans – 世界上第一个封锁链的贸易融资交易涉及大豆



Polina Marinova

May 14, 2018


HSBC said it has performed the world’s first trade finance transaction using blockchain technology.

Here’s what happened: HSBC issued a letter of credit for U.S. food and agriculture firm Cargill to Dutch lender ING. The trade finance transaction involved a shipment of soybeans from Argentina to Malaysia.

Using blockchain technology, this letter is stored on an open, distributed ledger where every transaction is visible to anyone with access to the system. This eliminates the need for paper reconciliation and a long chain of digital (and paper) communication between the two parties. HSBC and ING said the exchange was performed in 24 hours, whereas it normally takes five to 10 days for such a transaction to go through traditional methods.

HSBC used the “Corda” platform, which was developed by blockchain company R3. The startup works with a consortium of more than 200 banks, clearing houses, exchanges, and market infrastructure providers to develop commercial applications of distributed ledger technology.

And HSBC isn’t alone in exploring the uses for the burgeoning technology.

Santander last month launched a foreign exchange service that uses the distributed ledger tech to make same-day international money transfers. J.P. Morgan recently applied for a patent to facilitate payments between banks using the blockchain.

汇丰银行表示,它已经使用B股链技术进行了世界上第一次贸易融资交易。事情是这样的:汇丰银行为美国食品公司和农业公司卡吉尔向荷兰银行发出了信用证。贸易融资交易涉及从阿根廷到马来西亚的大豆运输。使用BaskLink技术,这封信被存储在一个开放的、分布式的分类帐上,在那里每个交易对于任何访问系统的人都是可见的。这消除了对纸张调和的需求和一个长链的数字(和纸)通信双方。汇丰银行和ING表示,这项交易是在24小时内完成的,而这种交易通常需要五到10天才能通过传统的方法。汇丰银行使用的是“Corda”平台,它是由Brand Cu链公司R3开发的。该启动与200多家银行、结算所、交易所和市场基础设施提供商组成的财团合作,开发分布式分类帐技术的商业应用。汇丰银行并不是唯一一家探索新兴技术用途的公司。桑坦德上个月推出了一个外汇服务,使用分布式分类帐技术来进行同一天的国际货币转移。J.P.摩根最近申请了一项专利,以便利银行使用Band Stand付款。


The World’s First Trade Finance Transaction on the Blockchain Involves Soybeans - 世界上第一个封锁链的贸易融资交易涉及大豆

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