JPMorgan’s Blockchain Chief Is Setting Out on Her Own – JP摩根的blockchain首席是设置了自己的


Robert Hackett

April 2, 2018

Robert Hackett 2018年4月2日

Amber Baldet, a JPMorgan Chase executive who leads the bank’s blockchain team, is leaving the company to start a business of her own.

Baldet had been heading up JPMorgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence, where she led the product direction for Quorum, JPMorgan’s business-oriented blockchain, a buzzy database technology that uses shared ledgers for record keeping. Quorum is adapted from Ethereum, the No. 2 cryptocurrency network after Bitcoin by total market value.

Jessica Francisco, a JPMorgan spokesperson, confirmed the news of Baldet’s departure in a statement to Fortune. “Amber is extremely talented and helped build the outstanding team we have today. We respect her desire to start her own venture and we wish her nothing but the best,” the statement said.

JPMorgan's Blockchain Chief Is Setting Out on Her Own - JP摩根的blockchain首席是设置了自己的

Benjamin Spradley

Christine Moy, a senior product manager at JPMorgan, is set to assume Baldet’s role at the helm of the blockchain group. Moy was Baldet’s first hire to the blockchain team.

JPMorgan is one of a slew of companies exploring the business potential for blockchains, the technology that undergirds Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Like many corporations, JPMorgan stands to gain if the technology can help it achieve quicker, cheaper, and more secure financial transactions.

Unlike Bitcoin, JPMorgan’s blockchain Quorum is private, or “permissioned,” meaning that only authorized participants can join the network of machines that maintains it.

Fortune obtained a copy of the email that Umar Farooq, Baldet’s boss, sent Monday to employees internally regarding her exit. Below is the text of that note.

Blockchain Center of Excellence Leadership Update

I want to share that Amber Baldet has decided to pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity outside the firm. Christine Moy will succeed Amber as the program lead for the Blockchain Center of Excellence (BCOE).

Amber has been an integral part of developing our blockchain capabilities and helped build out the BCOE and the outstanding team that we have today. We thank her for her leadership and contributions to the CIB and the firm.

I also want to congratulate Christine on her new role. She has worked with Amber and the BCOE from its inception and is a blockchain thought leader. Most recently, she has been leading blockchain product development across our Investor Services and Capital Markets businesses. We are thrilled to have such a strong successor in our ranks.

Baldet appeared on Fortune’s 2017 “40 Under 40” list, which highlights the most influential young people in business.

Reuters first reported news of Baldet’s departure on Monday. Baldet has yet to reveal details about the new company.

Amber Baldet,摩根大通高管团队领导bank’s blockchain,离开公司创办了自己的企业。baldet已经走向卓越jpmorgan’s blockchain的中心,在那里她领导群体的产品方向,jpmorgan’s面向业务的blockchain,一个繁华的数据库技术,使用共享台账记录。仲裁是改编自伊斯利恩,总市场价值的比特币在2号cryptocurrency网络。Jessica Francisco,摩根大通发言人证实baldet’s出发在一份声明中财富新闻。“amber才华横溢,帮助建立我们的优秀团队,今天。我们尊重她的愿望,开始自己创业,我们希望她最好的东西,”声明说。本杰明Spradley克里斯汀Moy,摩根大通的一位高级产品经理,将承担baldet’s在blockchain集团掌舵的作用。Moy是第一个聘请baldet’s blockchain团队。摩根大通是一系列公司探索blockchains的商业潜力,技术关系到比特币和其他cryptocurrencies。像许多公司一样,如果摩根大通技术能帮助实现更快、更便宜、更安全的金融交易,摩根大通将获益。不同于比特币,jpmorgan’s blockchain群体是私有的,或“permissioned,”意义,只有被授权的参与者可以加入网络的机器,保持它。财富的获得的一份电子邮件,Umar Farooq,baldet’s老板,星期一发送给内部员工关于她退出。以下是该说明的正文。blockchain卓越中心领导更新我想说Amber Baldet已决定寻求创业机会的境外公司。Christine Moy将接替安伯作为卓越中心(bcoe blockchain程序导致)。安伯一直是我们发展的blockchain能力不可缺少的一部分,帮助建立了bcoe和优秀的团队,我们有今天。我们感谢她的领导和贡献的中信实业银行和公司。我还想祝贺克里斯汀的新角色。她曾与安伯和bcoe从成立之初,是一个链的思想领袖。最近,她一直领先的blockchain产品开发在我们的投资者服务和资本市场业务。能在我们的队伍中有这样一位强有力的继承人,我们感到非常激动。baldet出现在fortune’s 2017 “40下40”列表,突出企业最具影响力的年轻人。路透社首次报道在星期一的新闻baldet’s出发。baldet尚未透露有关细节新公司。


JPMorgan's Blockchain Chief Is Setting Out on Her Own - JP摩根的blockchain首席是设置了自己的

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