It’s Not Bitcoin Trading — But J.P. Morgan Is Heading Deeper Into Crypto – 这不是比特币交易-但摩根大通正在深入研究密码



Lucinda Shen

May 17, 2018

Lucinda Shen 2018年5月17日

As Wall Street giants circle Bitcoin and the Blockchain, the largest of the bunch by assets, J.P. Morgan, is sinking its toes in a little deeper.

J.P. Morgan created a new position dubbed Head of Crypto-Assets Strategy, naming Oliver Harris, previously head of the banking giant’s in-residence program for fintech startups, to the role. With his new title, Harris will seek out cryptocurrency projects that can be taken to market, Fortune has learned.

Financial News first reported the news.

Harris will work under the umbrella of J.P. Morgan’s blockchain initiative, headed by Umar Farooq. The bank has been experimenting with the blockchain — an immutable ledger of, oftentimes, transactions — over the past two years in a bid to solve banking-related inefficiencies. One experiment resulted in the creation of Quorum, an Ethereum-based blockchain for payments aimed at businesses. Notably, J.P. Morgan partnered with the team behind cryptocurrency Zcash to increase the privacy on that blockchain. The bank is now said to be considering a spinoff of that project.

Harris is also set to lead the execution of that project, working closely with Christine Moy, program lead for J.P. Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence.

That’s not to say the banking giant is suddenly hopping into Bitcoin trading in the way Goldman Sachs has done — at least not yet.

When asked about the future of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and the bank potentially trading the asset, J.P. Morgan’s Head of Corporate and Investment Banking told CNBC: “We are looking into the space.”

“I have no doubt that in one way or another, the technology will play a role,” he said Wednesday. “If we need to clear futures of Bitcoin, can we do it? Yes. Have we done it? No.”

作为华尔街巨擘比特币和BitSu链,摩根集团(P.P.Morgan)最大的一批资产正在逐渐陷入困境。J.P.摩根创建了一个名为“密码资产战略”负责人的新职位,命名为Oliver Harris,之前是FiTeaStudio公司驻地项目的银行GANTWAPP60300 7QTE的负责人。凭借他的新头衔,Harris将寻找可以被推向市场的密码项目,财富已经学会了。财经新闻首先报道了这一消息。Harris将在由Umar Farooq领导的J.P. Morgan WAPP60607QTES Brand Cu链倡议的保护伞下工作。在过去两年中,该银行一直在尝试“封锁链”——一个不可更改的分类帐,通常是交易——以解决与银行相关的低效问题。一个实验导致了法定人数的创建,一个基于Ethum的BigStand用于企业支付。值得注意的是,J.P.摩根与隐藏在ZoCurrRunsZ现金背后的团队合作,增加了Buffic链上的隐私。据说,该银行正在考虑该项目的分拆。Harris还将领导该项目的执行,与Christine Moy密切合作,为J.P.Morgan公司PAP60300 7QTES Band Center卓越计划提供指导。不说银行巨头突然跳进比特币交易的方式,戈德曼萨克斯做的-至少还没有。当被问及比特币的未来,比如比特币和银行可能交易资产时,公司和投资银行主管J.P Morgan WAPP60300 7QTES告诉CNBC:WPA60604QTEWE正在研究这个空间。WPAP60300 6QTE WPA60304QTII毫无疑问地在他说,不管怎样,这项技术将发挥作用,WPA60606QTE星期三说。WPA60604QTEF如果我们需要清除比特币期货,我们能做到吗?对。我们做到了吗?WPA60606QTE号


It's Not Bitcoin Trading — But J.P. Morgan Is Heading Deeper Into Crypto - 这不是比特币交易-但摩根大通正在深入研究密码

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