IBM Blockchain Is Tracking Diamond Rings Across the Globe – IBM BubStand跟踪全球钻石环

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Jeff John Roberts

April 26, 2018

Jeff John Roberts 2018年4月26日

Couples who pick out an engagement ring will soon be able to trace its history from the mine to the jewelry store. This is thanks to a global jewelry consortium using blockchain technology to create an indelible tracking system for the diamond and gold in six types of popular rings.

The project, announced Thursday, is known as TrustChain and involves precious metal suppliers, refiners and manufacturers working with the U.S. retail jeweler Helzberg Diamonds. TrustChain will use IBM blockchain tools to allow anyone in the supply chain—and eventually the customer—to verify the provenance of the rings.

The jewelry industry has long relied on certificates to show a gem is not counterfeit, or sourced from conflict zones. But the process is cumbersome, relying on a scattered series of records, many of which might be transcribed only on paper.

The TrustChain process, in contrast, requires companies at every stage of the process, including miners and shippers, to create a shared record on a blockchain ledger. The ledger is transparent, tamper-proof and distributed across multiple computers.

“Consumers should be able to see the journey their gem has gone through. Soon ring owners will be able to look up their rings [on the same blockchain],” said IBM Senior Vice President of Industry Platforms Bridget van Kralingen in an interview with Fortune.

Van Kralingen added that TrustChain is already up and running for the retailer Helzberg and its suppliers, and that consumers should be able to use the blockchain technology themselves by the end of the year.

Currently, Helzberg and its partners (precious metals supplier LeachGarner, jewelry manufacturer The Richline Group and third party verification service UL) are working to show that blockchain tracking is viable for six types of diamond rings. The companies then hope to persuade other companies to rely on the blockchain technology in the same way, and make it a common practice across the jewelry industry.

TrustChain is not the first initiative to apply blockchain technology to the jewelry industry. A startup called Everledger is working with diamond supply chains and has so far added more than 1.5 million gems to its ledger. The TrustChain project, however, differs in that it also tracks gold and finished pieces of jewelry rather than just diamonds.

More broadly, the jewelry initiative is only the latest example of how industries of all sorts are embracing blockchain to improve transparency and supply chains. Wal-Mart, for instance, used IBM’s blockchain tool to follow shipments of pork from China, while shipping giant Maersk is using the technology to track containers.

IBM’s blockchain platform, which is based on a type of code called HyperLedger Fabric, is one of several that companies are beginning to incorporate to overhaul their supply chains and record-keeping. Van Kralingen predicts that the variety of blockchain tools will be interoperable, allowing industries to avert conflicts over standards.

She adds that consumers—including wedding ring shoppers—also have a big interest in blockchain since it lets them make healthy and ethical purchasing decisions.

“People do care about what they buy,” said van Kralingen. “Most consumers, especially millennials, will pay more to know.”

挑选结婚戒指的夫妇很快就能把自己的历史从矿山追溯到珠宝店。这得益于全球珠宝联盟使用Blog Stand技术为六种流行戒指中的钻石和黄金创造不可磨灭的追踪系统。该项目,星期四宣布,被称为TrimeCu链,涉及贵金属供应商,炼油商和制造商与美国零售珠宝商Helz伯格钻石。TestCu链将使用IBM BaskLoad工具来允许供应链中的任何人和最终客户验证环的起源。珠宝行业长期依赖证书来证明宝石不是伪造的,或者来源于冲突区。但是这个过程是繁琐的,依靠一系列零散的记录,其中许多可能只能在纸上转录。与此相反,TrimeCu链流程要求各阶段的公司(包括矿工和托运人)在B股链分类帐上创建共享记录。分类帐是透明的,防篡改,分布在多台计算机上。WPA60604QTESEMOSSUSER应该能够看到他们的宝石走过的旅程。不久,环所有者将能够查找他们的戒指(在同一块链),WPAP60300 6QTE说IBM高级副总裁工业平台布丽姬Van Kraligin在接受财富杂志采访。Van Kralingen补充说,TrestCu链已经为零售商HelZbg及其供应商提供了支持,消费者应该能够在年底前使用BooStand技术。目前,HelZbg及其合作伙伴(贵金属供应商LeaGartners,珠宝制造商RixLand集团和第三方验证服务UL)正在努力表明,对于六种类型的钻石环,Bo链Stand跟踪是可行的。这些公司希望说服其他公司以同样的方式依赖B股链技术,并使之成为珠宝行业的普遍做法。TestCu链不是第一个将BuBLink技术应用于珠宝行业的倡议。一家名为Everledger的创业公司正与钻石供应链合作,迄今为止已向其分类账中添加了150万多颗宝石。然而,TrimeCu链项目的不同之处在于它还跟踪黄金和成品首饰,而不仅仅是钻石。更广泛地说,珠宝倡议只是最新的例子,说明各种行业都在接受BooCu链以提高透明度和供应链。沃尔玛,例如,用ibm’s blockchain工具跟猪肉从中国发货,而航运巨头马士基是利用技术跟踪容器。IBM MWPAP60300 7QTES Buffic Stand平台基于一种称为HyffeDiger-Buffic的代码类型,是公司开始合并以检修其供应链和记录保存的几种方法之一。Van Kralingen预测,链链工具的多样性将是可互操作的,允许工业避免标准冲突。她补充说,包括结婚戒指购物者在内的消费者也对连锁店有很大兴趣,因为它允许他们做出健康和道德的购买决定。WPA60304QTEND关心他们买什么,WPAP60300 6QTE说,van Kralingen。WPA60604QTEST用户,特别是千禧一代,将支付更多的知识。


IBM Blockchain Is Tracking Diamond Rings Across the Globe - IBM BubStand跟踪全球钻石环

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