How One Woman Found Opportunity in Blockchain – 一个女人如何在连锁店中找到机会

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How One Woman Found Opportunity in Blockchain - 一个女人如何在连锁店中找到机会

Catheryne Nicholson, CEO of BlockCypher
Photograph by Winni Wintermeyer for Fortune

CATHYNYE尼克尔森,Winni Wintermeyer CopyPHPHER的首席执行官照片


Lucinda Shen

April 24, 2018

Lucinda Shen 2018年4月24日

Catheryne Nicholson, CEO of BlockCypher, talks with Fortune about her place in a volatile industry.

FORTUNE: A blockchain is a distributed public ledger technology that powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. What role does BlockCypher play in its development?

NICHOLSON: Block­Cypher is like Amazon Web ­Services [AWS] for blockchain. We build APIs, or application programming interfaces, for blockchain. AWS made it easy for firms to just call up Amazon and get their web infrastructure going much faster. We provide the same for blockchain. We build one applic­ation on a blockchain, and it’s easily portable to others. A startup would have to download the node, find peers, and do all of these things before it could begin to build a blockchain application. Instead of spending six to nine months doing that, it can spend an hour using our APIs.

BlockCypher supports Bitcoin, ­Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Do you believe one cryptocurrency will reign supreme?

We’re still in the very first inning. Bitcoin was the first crypto­currency; it’s not going anywhere. It is the king of the world against which all other cryptocurrencies are benchmarked. That doesn’t mean other cryptocurrencies won’t nip at Bitcoin’s heels. I do think that a better cryptocurrency will come along.

You are a woman in the blockchain business at a time when many industries are grappling with sexual-harassment issues. And you’re a U.S. Naval Academy graduate.

My time at the Naval Academy was really defining, and not necessarily in the best way. It was a boys’ club. Women were left to either sink or swim. I was the only woman in most of my aeronautical engineering classes; they used to mock my voice. In my first meeting with my academic adviser, he told me it’d be the only time he would meet with me because aero was one of the toughest majors and women weren’t smart enough for it. I went on to become the only person in my class to graduate as an aeronautical engineer.

That experience set me up really well for Silicon Valley. Particularly for startups, because you have to have sharp elbows and you can’t take no for an answer. That’s also why I was adamant about getting women investors.

Do you have plans to raise more funds to scale the business faster?

We don’t need to. Plus there are a lot of changes in blockchain. Is what we do now going to be what we’re doing a year from now? We’d rather watch what goes on and be able to pounce on where we think blockchains are going to go.

A version of this article first appeared in the May 1, 2018 issue of Fortune magazine.

BoCypPHER的首席执行官Catheryne Nicholson与财富商谈了她在动荡行业中的地位。《财富》:BitScand是一种分布式的公共分类帐技术,它可以像比特币一样加密密码。BoCypHER在其发展中扮演什么角色?尼克尔森:块CyfER就像BaseClinux的Amazon WebServices [AWS]。我们为API链构建API或应用程序编程接口。AWS使企业很容易打电话给Amazon,让他们的网络基础设施更快地发展起来。我们提供了相同的链链。我们在块链上建立了一个应用程序,它很容易移植到其他人身上。一个创业公司必须下载节点,查找对等体,并在开始构建BooStand应用程序之前完成所有这些事情。而不是花六到九个月的时间,它可以花一个小时使用我们的API。BuffyPHER支持Bitcoin、LiteCoin、Ethunm和DooCooin。你相信一个隐秘的统治会成为至高无上的吗?我们还在第一局。比特币是第一个密码币,它不会去任何地方。正是世界之王反对所有其他隐秘现象的基准。这并不意味着其他密码技术不会咬比特币的后跟。我确实认为会有更好的隐秘性。在很多行业都在忙于性骚扰问题的时候,你是B连锁公司的一名女性。你是美国海军学院的毕业生。我在海军学院的时间确实很明确,不一定是最好的方式。那是一个男孩俱乐部。女人要么沉沦,要么沉溺于水中。在我的航空工程课上,我是唯一的女人,他们常常嘲笑我的声音。在我和我的学术顾问的初次见面时,他告诉我,这是他唯一能见到我的时间,因为A罗是最难对付的专业之一,而女性则不够聪明。我成了班上唯一一个毕业于航空工程师的人。那次经历给我的硅谷带来了很大的帮助。尤其是初创公司,因为你必须有尖锐的肘部,你不能接受任何答案。这也是为什么我坚定不移地争取女性投资者的原因。你有没有计划筹集更多的资金来更快地扩大业务规模?我们不需要这样做。另外,Blus链有很多变化。我们现在所做的将是我们从现在开始做的事情吗?我们宁愿看发生了什么,也能在我们认为链链将要去的地方扑过去。这篇文章的一个版本首次出现在《财富》杂志2018年5月1日发行。


How One Woman Found Opportunity in Blockchain - 一个女人如何在连锁店中找到机会

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