How Blockchain Could Help Restore Power in Puerto Rico – 链链如何帮助波多黎各恢复电力



Polina Marinova

May 8, 2018


There’s an increasing number of entrepreneurs looking to put their newest product “on the blockchain” — from food delivery to social media to dating apps.

One startup is doing something slightly more noble with the ledger technology — helping Puerto Rico recover after nearly eight months of power outages on the island. Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the area’s infrastructure and its electrical grid.

Bloomberg profiled an Australia-based company called Power Ledger has hired a grid resiliency and security expert to lead power restoration efforts in Puerto Rico. The startup is using blockchain technology to do this.

What exactly is blockchain technology? It’s often defined as “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.” Communication occurs between peers instead of through a central authority, and every transaction is visible to anyone with access to the system. So how will this work in Puerto Rico? Power Ledger would help companies trade power from microgrid resources (like solar panels) with one another using the blockchain. People will be able to buy power in cash, cryptocurrency, or even labor.

More broadly, Puerto Rico is looking to blockchain startups to help give its economy a boost following devastating hurricane destruction and an ongoing recession. It’s luring founders to the island by offering tax incentives, holding conferences, and launching an advisory council. Since the tax exemptions were put into place, more than 800 businesses and about 1,400 individuals have relocated to Puerto Rico.

越来越多的企业家希望把他们的最新产品WPA60604QTEN从食品交付到社交媒体的BooChina WAPP60300 6QTE到约会应用程序。一个新的启动是利用分类账技术做一些更高贵的工作,帮助波多黎各在岛上停电近八个月后恢复。飓风玛丽亚摧毁了ALAWAWAP60300 7QTE的基础设施和电网。彭博社描述了一家名为Power RealGER的总部位于澳大利亚的公司,该公司雇佣了一位电网弹性和安全专家来领导波多黎各的电力恢复工作。该公司正在使用Blog Stand技术来完成这一任务。BigStand技术到底是什么?ITWPA60607QTES通常定义为WPA60604QTEN开放式分布式帐务器,它可以有效地并以可验证的和永久的方式记录两方之间的事务。WPAP60300 6QTE通信发生在同辈之间而不是通过中央机关,并且每个事务都是可见的。任何有权进入系统的人。那么,这将如何在波多黎各工作?Power Ledger将帮助企业通过使用BigBand来互相交换来自微电网资源(如太阳能电池板)的电力。人们将能够购买现金、密码甚至劳动力。更广泛地说,波多黎各正在寻找BigStand初创公司,以帮助其经济在灾难性的飓风破坏和持续的衰退之后增长。ITWPA60607QTES通过提供税收优惠、召开会议和发起咨询委员会来吸引创始人到岛上。由于免税已经到位,超过800家企业和大约1400名个人搬迁到波多黎各。


How Blockchain Could Help Restore Power in Puerto Rico - 链链如何帮助波多黎各恢复电力

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