Former Bitcoin Exchange CEO No Longer Believes In Bitcoin – 前比特币交易所首席执行官不再相信比特币



April 6, 2018


The former chief executive officer of the once-largest Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, said he no longer is a Bitcoin believer, and sounded pessimistic about cryptocurrencies in general.

“The technology is definitely here to stay, but Bitcoin may have trouble evolving and keeping up,” Mark Karpeles said Wednesday in a chat on the online message board Reddit. “I could be wrong about this. I’ve been wrong about a lot of things.”

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, is a distributed ledger that can be useful in everything from managing supply chains to making cheap international money transfers. Bitcoin slipped to its lowest level so far this year Thursday, and has declined 50 percent since the beginning of the year.

Karpeles, originally from France, said he doesn’t own any Bitcoin. He also called Bitcoin’s main cryptocurrency rival, Ethereum, “too untested” for any kind of serious use.

Once the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange based in Japan, Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy in 2014 after thousands of Bitcoins belonging to customers were found to be missing. Karpeles, who had been running the exchange since 2011, was arrested by Japanese police in 2015, and spent time in jail. There, he said in the chat, he lost 77 pounds in four months as “lunch was actually two breads with jam.” He is divorced, he said, but “my cat hasn’t left me.” He said he participated in the chat on advice of friends.

Karpeles decided to speak after it was revealed, in March, that the Japanese trustee handling the Mt. Gox bankruptcy had already sold some of the company’s remaining Bitcoins to reimburse creditors. Because of peculiarities of Japanese law, Karpeles said that as a shareholder he could end up with more than $1 billion after the bankruptcy proceedings are over. In the chat, Karpeles said he hopes to return all that money to the exchange’s more than 24,000 creditors.

Karpeles also remains on trial in Tokyo, accused of stealing money for personal use and making false deposits into the firm’s account. He has pleaded not guilty.

Karpeles said he hopes to work again as an engineer — but not necessarily for a cryptocurrency startup. Oh, and if a movie is ever made about the rise and fall of Mt. Gox, he said he’d prefer to be played by the actor Jack Black. “I really love the guy.”

前任首席执行官曾经最大的比特币交易所Mt.Gox,说他不再是一个比特币信徒,听起来悲观cryptocurrencies一般。“技术肯定是在这里留下来,但比特币可能难以发展和维持,”Mark Karpeles星期三在网上的留言板上聊天说。“我可能错了。我已经做错了很多事情。“blockchain,比特币背后的技术,是一个分布式的分类,可以从供应链管理到廉价的国际资金转移使一切都是有用的。今年,比特币下滑至最低点,自年初以来下降了50%。卡珀利斯,来自法国,说他不拥有任何比特币。他也被称为比特币的主要cryptocurrency对手,伊斯利恩,太“考验”对于任何一种严重的使用。一旦世界上最大的比特币交易所总部设在日本,Gox申请破产2014后,数以千计的比特币属于客户被发现失踪。卡珀利斯,谁曾自2011运行的交流,被日本警方在2015,和在监狱中度过的时间。在那里,他在聊天中说,他在四个月内瘦了77磅,因为“午餐实际上是两块果酱,”他说,“但是我的猫还没有离开我。”他说他是在朋友的建议下参与聊天的。开普勒决定说被曝光后,在三月,日本Mt. Gox破产受托人处理已经卖掉了公司的一些剩余的Bitcoins偿还债权人。因为日本法律的特殊性,卡珀利斯说,作为股东,他最终可能超过10亿美元的破产程序后结束。在聊天中,卡珀利斯说,他希望所有的钱回到交易所的24000以上的债权人。卡佩莱斯也仍然在东京受审,被指控偷了钱供个人使用和制造虚假存款到公司帐户。他拒不认罪。卡珀利斯说他希望再工作,作为一名工程师—但未必是一个cryptocurrency启动。哦,如果有一部电影是关于山谷的兴起和衰落的,他说他更喜欢由演员杰克布莱克扮演。“我真的很喜欢那个家伙。”


Former Bitcoin Exchange CEO No Longer Believes In Bitcoin - 前比特币交易所首席执行官不再相信比特币

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