Facebook Undergoes a Major Internal Reorganization. Here’s What’s Changing – 脸谱网内部进行重大重组。下面是什么变化



Sarah Gray

May 9, 2018

Sarah Gray 2018年5月9日

Under intense user and government scrutiny of over user privacy and election meddling, Facebook is reorganizing its product and engineering efforts into three buckets, according to a new report.

The new structure includes separate teams for the company’s apps, new platforms and infrastructure, and central product services.

The changes are intended partly to improve communication and create bigger teams dedicated to user privacy, tech news site Recode said in a report on Tuesday.

Here’s what is happening:

Family of apps

Leader: Chief product officer Chris Cox

What’s new? As the name suggests, this division includes Facebook’s core apps: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Although Instagram is also part of the new team, it will continue to be managed by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. Chris Daniels, vice president of Facebook’s Internet.org, will take over WhatsApp (after the former CEO and cofounder Jan Koum departed), Stan Chudnovsky, previously the head of product for Messenger, will take over Messenger, and Will Cathcart, a longtime Facebooker who works on product, will head the Facebook team (which includes the not-yet-launched dating app, according to Recode).

While tech news site TechCrunch points out that this could mean less autonomy for Instagram and WhatsApp, this restructuring is reportedly aimed at improving communication between the executives managing core apps.

New platforms and infrastructure

Leader: Chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer

What’s new? This division focus on new products and technology including blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and Workplace (a social network for work that competes with Slack), and privacy-focused product.

For users, privacy may be the most interesting aspect of the reshuffling. Another Recode report from Tuesday says that David Baser, a product director who was working on GDPR privacy policies, will head up a privacy product division of around 300 engineers and other product developers. Their first product may well be the “clear history” function, which would allow users to control and clear their Facebook browsing history, that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced last week at F8, Facebook’s developers conference.

Additionally, Erin Egan, Facebook’s chief privacy officer, will work closely with Baser to make sure these products work. Her team is expected to grow to 120 people from 40.

Central product services

Leader: Javier Olivan, who formerly ran Facebook’s growth team.

What’s new? This team will oversee other essential products including ads, security, and data/growth, according to Recode.

Fortune contacted Facebook for more information on the reorganization about the changes. We’ll update as necessary.

在一份新的报告中,在用户和政府对用户隐私和选举干预的强烈审查下,脸谱网将其产品和工程努力重组为三桶。新的结构包括独立的团队为公司WPAP60300 7QTE应用程序,新的平台和基础设施,以及中央产品服务。科技新闻网站Recode在星期二的一份报告中说,这些改变的目的部分是为了改善交流,创造更大的致力于用户隐私的团队。EWWPA60607QTES正在发生什么:应用程序家族的领导者:首席产品官克里斯Cox WHWPAP60300 7QTES新的?顾名思义,这个划分包括FoeBooWPAP60307QTES核心应用程序:脸谱网、WhatsApp和Messenger。Instagram也是新团队的一部分,它将继续由Instagram首席执行官凯文·斯特罗姆管理。脸谱网互联网公司副总裁Chris Daniels将接管WhatsApp(此前的首席执行官兼合作者简·库姆离职),Stan Chudnovsky,以前是信使的产品负责人,将接替信使,Will Cathcart,一个长期从事产品工作的FoeBook,将他广告脸谱网车队(其中包括尚未推出的约会应用程序,根据Recode)。科技新闻网站TechCrunch指出,这意味着Instagram和WhatsApp的自主性降低,据报道,这项重组旨在改善管理核心应用程序的高管之间的沟通。新的平台和基础设施领导者:首席技术官迈克施罗普弗特WHWPAP60300 7QTES新?这个部门专注于新产品和新技术,包括Buff-Load、人工智能、增强和虚拟现实,以及WorkWorks:一个与松弛竞争的社交网络,以及以隐私为中心的产品。对于用户来说,隐私可能是重新洗牌最有趣的方面。另一份来自星期二的ReReDe报告称,负责GDPR隐私政策的产品总监David Baser将领导大约300名工程师和其他产品开发人员的隐私产品部门。他们的第一个产品很可能是WPA60604QTeCelar历史WPAP60300 6QTE功能,这将允许用户控制和清除他们的脸谱网浏览历史,脸谱网创始人兼首席执行官马克·扎克伯格上周宣布在F8,FACEBBooWPAP60300 7QTES开发者会议。此外,Erin Egan,FACEBooWPAP60300 7QTE首席隐私官,将密切合作,以确保BASER工作的产品。她的团队预计将从40人增加到120人。中央产品服务的领导者:Javier Olivan,谁以前运行FACEBooWPOP60607QTES增长团队。什么新的?Recode说,这个团队将监管其他重要产品,包括广告、安全和数据/增长。财富与脸谱网联系了有关重组的更多信息。WEWPA60607Q.根据需要进行更新。


Facebook Undergoes a Major Internal Reorganization. Here's What's Changing - 脸谱网内部进行重大重组。下面是什么变化

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