Facebook Reportedly Considering Its Own Cryptocurrency – 据报道,脸谱网考虑了自己的隐秘性。



Jonathan Vanian

May 11, 2018

Jonathan Vanian May 11, 2018

Facebook may be interested in creating its own cryptocurrency.

That’s according to a report on Friday by the online video news network Cheddar that cited unnamed sources.

A possible Facebook cryptocurrency would let the company’s users more easily buy goods from each other through the social network “without government currencies” the report said.

It’s unclear how exactly Facebook (fb) would use its own cryptocurrency, but a possible Bitcoin-like coin could let people more easily sell goods internationally through the company’s growing Marketplace online classified section.

This week, Facebook created a new team dedicated to blockchain, the technology that underpins popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and XRP. The company moved the leader of its Messenger service, David Marcus, to the new blockchain unit that he will oversee.

Facebook did not say what it plans to do with its blockchain unit, but Marcus said that the company would be “starting from scratch.” Marcus, who is no stranger to online payments, was once the president of PayPal (pypl) and he’s also a board member of the Coinbase cryptocurrency trading service.

A Facebook spokesperson told Fortune in an email, “Like many other companies Facebook is exploring ways to leverage the power of blockchain technology.”

“This new small team will be exploring many different applications,” the spokesperson said. “We don’t have anything further to share.”

On Friday, IBM’s (ibm) blockchain chief Bridget van Kralingen told Fortune that blockchain technology could help Facebook deal with some of the company’s recent data privacy controversies.

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She said that blockchain technology could be beneficial for privacy concerned people who want to better understand how their data is being used and shared via different advertising services “or on the personal side.”

“So I think it’s a technology that fits very well with some of the business model challenges that they’re actually facing, and I think they’re very right to take this very seriously,” van Kralingen said.

脸谱网可能会对创建自己的密码库感兴趣。这是根据在线视频新闻网CHEDDAR上星期五公布的一份报告,其中引用了未透露姓名的消息来源。该报告称,脸谱网的密码可能会让该公司的用户更容易通过“没有政府货币”的社交网络购买商品。目前还不清楚脸谱网(FB)将如何使用自己的密码,但一种可能的比特币类似的硬币可以让人们更容易地通过该公司不断增长的市场在线分类部分在国际上销售商品。本周,脸谱网创建了一个致力于BitCu链的新团队,这项技术支持比特币和XRP等流行的密码技术。该公司将其信使服务的领导者David Marcus转移到他将监督的新的链链单位。脸谱网没有说明计划如何使用blockchain单元,但马库斯表示,该公司将“从零开始”。马库斯,谁是在线支付并不陌生,曾经是贝宝的总裁(PYPL),他也是Coinbase cryptocurrency交易服务董事会成员冰。脸谱网发言人在一封电子邮件中告诉财富,WPA60604QTELIKE许多其他公司脸谱网正在探索如何利用BooStand技术的力量。“这个新的小团队将探索许多不同的应用,”发言人说。“我们没有更多的股份。”WPAP60300 6QTE星期五,IBM(IBM)ButkSink首席执行官Bridget van Kralingen告诉财富,BoBLink技术可以帮助脸谱网处理一些公司最近的数据隐私争议。获得数据表,财富的技术通讯。她说,BBLAST技术可能有利于关注隐私的人,他们希望更好地了解他们的数据是如何通过不同的广告服务WPA60300 4QTEOR在个人方面使用和共享的。WPAP60300 6QTE“所以我认为这是一项适合的技术。van Kralingen说:“很好地解决了他们面临的商业模式挑战,我认为他们非常认真对待这一问题。”


Facebook Reportedly Considering Its Own Cryptocurrency - 据报道,脸谱网考虑了自己的隐秘性。

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