Cofounder of Ethereum Attaches Himself to Atari’s Crypto – EtUnm的缔造者依附于雅达利的密码



Chris Morris

May 8, 2018


Anthony Di Iorio, who co-founded Ethereum and Jaxx, is helping launch another cryptocurrency.

Di Iorio has been named an honorary co-founder for the blockchain project powering the Atari Token and the Atari Platform Network after making an unspecified investment in the network. He lends some crypto street credibility to the company, whose other founder’s experience is more in the video game space.

“As someone who grew up in the Atari age, and who understands the importance of how products are designed and developed, it’s extremely encouraging to see teams with vast experience creating systems that are not just user-friendly, but scalable and functional,” he said in a statement.

Di Iorio was solely responsible for the initial investment round in the Atari Token’s pre-sale. Details of the public sale are expected to be announced in the coming months.

Details about Atari’s crypto are still light, but it appears the Atari Token is meant to be used with digital gaming platforms, while the Pong Token (another crypto the group is working on) will be used in online casinos. Atari says details of those crypto-casinos will also be announced soon.

To position itself for the launch of the Atari Token, the company acquired a minority stake in Infinity Networks, which is developing a decentralized blockchain for digital entertainment platforms.

Atari has changed hands numerous times since it was launched by Nolan Bushnell in 1972. It’s currently based in France. The company has had its name in the headlines a number of times recently—announcing a new console and a hat with built-in bluetooth speakers.

The console was delayed in December and preorders are now scheduled to begin May 30. The company, though, still hasn’t given any sort of details about what that system will do and what games it will play.

The hat currently sells for $130.

Anthony Di Iorio,谁创立了EthUM和JAXX,正在帮助推出另一个密码。Di Iorio被命名为Band Stand项目的荣誉联合创始人,他在网络中做了一个未指定的投资后,为雅达利令牌和雅达利平台网络供电。他给公司提供了一些隐秘的街道信誉,他的其他厂商的P60607QTES经验更多的是在电子游戏空间。他说:“作为一个在雅达利时代长大的人,他懂得产品设计和开发的重要性,看到有着丰富经验的团队创造出不仅用户友好,而且具有可扩展性和功能性的系统,这是非常令人鼓舞的。”T. Di Iorio是唯一负责在AtARToKeWPAP60300 7QTES预售的初始投资回合。公开出售的细节预计将在未来几个月公布。关于AtARIWPAP60300 7QTES密码的细节仍然很轻,但看起来AtARi令牌打算与数字游戏平台一起使用,而Pon令牌(另一个密码组正在工作)将用于在线赌场。阿塔里说,这些秘密赌场的细节也将很快公布。为了定位自己的雅达利令牌的推出,该公司收购了无限网络的少数股权,它正在开发一个分散的数字娱乐平台的封锁链。雅达利自从诺兰·布什内尔于1972推出以来,已经多次转手。ITWPA60307QTES目前总部设在法国。该公司最近在报纸头条上公布了一系列新的控制台和内置蓝牙扬声器的帽子。该控制台在十二月被推迟,预定定于5月30日开始。不过,该公司仍然拥有NWPAP60300 7QTET,它给出了该系统将做什么以及它将玩什么游戏的任何细节。这顶帽子目前售价130美元。


Cofounder of Ethereum Attaches Himself to Atari's Crypto - EtUnm的缔造者依附于雅达利的密码

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