Chile Is Using Ethereum’s Blockchain to Track Energy Data – 智利用伊斯利恩的blockchain跟踪能源数据

Chile will use ethereum’s blockchain as a way to record energy sector statistics, its government announced Thursday.

The National Energy Commission, which is a part of the country’s Energy Ministry, said it would commit data to the public ethereum ledger in order to “augment levels of security, integrity, traceability and confidence in the information available to the public,” according to a statement.
国家能源委员会,是国家能源部的一部分,说 将数据提交到公共伊斯利恩帐以“增强安全完整性水平,在向公众提供信息的可追溯性和信心,”根据 声明。

The commission is particularly concerned that its databases can be hacked and manipulated. The ethereum-based approach represents an alternative method for data storage, given that distributing records among a large number of nodes helps to alleviate that concern.

The commission has already begun committing some data to the blockchain, including information about installed electricity-generating capacity, average market prices, marginal costs, hydrocarbon prices and compliance with laws requiring that renewables account for a certain share of electricity generation.


Following this first stage of the project, known as “Energia Abierta” or “Open Energy,” the commission will study the results and share them with other companies and government bodies in the sector.

Susana Jimenez, Chile’s energy minister, said in a statement:
Susana Jimenez,智利的能源部长在一份声明中说:

“We are interested in taking this technology from a conceptual level to a concrete case, understanding that it’s considered to be the most disruptive technology of the last decade by world-class experts, and that it could be part of day-to-day life in the next few years.”


The commission’s decision to use an open blockchain like ethereum as opposed to a so-called permissioned network stands out. The statement explained that having “hundreds of thousands of servers” authenticating the data makes it more trustworthy and difficult to alter.
该委员会的决定,使用像伊斯利恩反对所谓的 容许网络站出来公开blockchain。声明解释说,拥有“数十万服务器”来验证数据,这使得它更值得信任和难以更改。

Note: Statements in this article were translated from Spanish.
注: 陈述本文译自西班牙语。

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