Blockchain Might Be a Big Deal, Some Day – 封锁链可能是件大事,总有一天



Adam Lashinsky

April 18, 2018

Adam Lashinsky 2018年4月18日

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The blockchain and cryptocurrencies might be a big thing. Maybe. Some day. If a lot of things go right.

Don’t take my skeptical word for it, though. That’s more or less the conclusion of one of the field’s true believers, Adam Ludwin, the articulate founder of technology company Chain. ( wasn’t available, he says.) I interviewed Ludwin Tuesday night in San Francisco at a well-attended walk-up dinner for July’s Brainstorm Tech conference.

If the nascent field were populated exclusively by people like Ludwin there’d be far less hype. But that’s not how these things work. He freely admits there is ample noise but also a discernible signal. A decentralized system for managing software applications and for trading money free of government control (read: censorship) has much promise. The problem is that it’s more promise than current value, even less so than was evident in the fledgling “Internet” a generation ago. (Read Jonathan Vanian’s write-up here, where you also can watch the video, as well as Andrew Nusca’s review in today’s CEO Daily.)

Ludwin’s thesis is that we’d be a whole lot less hot and bothered about the blockchain, a word he thinks has lost most of its meaning amidst the hoo-hah, if it didn’t involve money. Because it does it’s easy to get people’s attention—and mindless investment dollars.

Incidentally, Ludwin is a sought-after speaker on this topic because last October he wrote a long memo taking to task cryptocurrency troglodyte Jamie Dimon. Ludwin says Dimon graciously reached out to meet, which the two did in Davos in January. And Ludwin lavished praise on crypto projects J.P. Morgan Chase (jpm) has pursued since.

That’s near proof something will come of this. Maybe. Some day. If a lot of things go right.

这篇文章首次出现在《财富》每日科技快报上。要把它每天送到你的收件箱,在这里注册。封锁链和隐匿症可能是一件大事。也许吧。总有一天。如果很多事情都是正确的。不过,不要拿我的怀疑词来形容它。这或多或少是一个领域的真正的信徒,Adam Ludwin,明确的创始人的技术公司链的结论。他说:“BuffChina网站不在,我在三藩参加了7月的头脑风暴技术会议,参加了一次盛宴。如果新生的田地都是由像Ludwin这样的人来填充的话,那就不那么夸张了。但这并不是这些事情的运作方式。他坦然承认有充足的噪音,但也有明显的信号。一个分散的系统,用于管理软件应用程序和无政府控制的货币交易(阅读:审查)有很大的希望。问题在于,它比目前的价值要多得多,甚至比一代人刚刚起步的“互联网”所能看到的还要少。(读Jonathan Vanian在这里写的文章,你也可以看视频,以及Andrew Nusca在今天的首席执行官日报上的评论。)鲁德温的论文是我们将是一个整体。对于BooCu链来说,这个问题并不那么热门和困扰,他认为这个词在HOHAH中失去了大部分意义,如果它不涉及金钱的话。因为它很容易吸引人们的注意力和无意识的投资美元。顺便说一句,Ludwin是这个话题上的一个受追捧的演说家,因为去年10月他写了一篇长的备忘录,内容是《任务密不可分的穴居人杰米·戴蒙》。Ludwin说,戴蒙亲切地伸出手去迎接他们,这是两人在达沃斯做的。而卢德文对摩根大通(JPM.Chase Chase)(JPM)此后一直追求的密码项目赞不绝口。这几乎可以证明这会有什么结果。也许吧。总有一天。如果很多事情都是正确的。


Blockchain Might Be a Big Deal, Some Day - 封锁链可能是件大事,总有一天

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