Bitcoin Will Hit $20K in 2018. Here’s Why Ethereum Is a Better Bet, Says Reddit Cofounder – Bitcoin Will在2018达到了20K。Reddit Cofounder说,这就是为什么EythUM是一个更好的赌注。


Lucinda Shen

and Polina Marinova

May 2, 2018

Lucinda Shen与波利娜·马里诺娃2018年5月2日

Update, May 3, 2018: Alexis Ohanian later amended his comments about the price of Ethereum, saying that he misspoke and meant to say that its price would reach $1,500 by year’s end. The text that follows reflects the article as originally published.

While Bitcoin may be the poster child of cryptocurrencies, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian thinks the second most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum, will be the real winner.

“I’m most bullish about Ethereum simply because people are actually building on it,” Ohanian told Fortune’s Term Sheet Tuesday. Ohanian has stepped back from Reddit’s day-to-day operations and now invests in firms including Coinbase via his venture capital firm, Initialized Capital.

Because developers have found it challenging to create applications based on the Bitcoin blockchain, finding Ethereum more flexible, Ohanian says he sees the price of Ethereum rising faster than the price of Bitcoin this year.

His prediction: While the price of Bitcoin will more than double by the end of the year, regaining it’s all-time high of $20,000, Ethereum will reach 21 times its current value — hitting $15,000 by the end of 2018. Bitcoin now stands at about $9,100, while Ethereum is valued at about $690. [Note: After publication, Ohanian said he misspoke. He meant to say Ethereum will be at $1,500.]

Developers have used Ethereum to create applications such as CryptoKitties, a blockchain-based game in which users breed virtual cats. Major firms including banking giant J.P. Morgan have also tested technology based on Ethereum.

Ethereum does have its competitors though, when it comes to developers seeking blockchains upon which to build their own applications.

Take, for example, Hyperledger, whose open-sourced blockchain framework Fabric underlies projects such as TrustChain, a blockchain project tracking diamonds. At the same time, firms such as Walmart have also used Hyperledger Fabric to test blockchain technology in tracking their food supply.

更新,2018年5月3日:Alexis Ohanian后来修改了他关于Ethum价格的评论,说他说错了,意味着它的价格将达到1500美元,年WAPP60300 7QTES结束。下面的文字反映了最初发表的文章。虽然比特币可能是隐姓埋名的招牌孩子,但ReDDIT联合创始人Alexis Ohanian认为,市值最大的第二大密码是Ethereum,这将是真正的赢家。WPA60604QTEI最为看好EthUUM,仅仅是因为人们实际上在构建它,WPAP60300 6QTE OHANIAN在星期二告诉FuneWPA60607QTES学期表。OHANIN已经退出ReDITWPAP60300 7QTE的日常运营,现在投资于包括CunBasic在内的公司,通过他的风险投资公司,初始化资本。由于开发人员发现基于Bitcoin Band链创建应用程序的挑战性,发现Ethunm更灵活,奥哈尼亚称他认为EythUM的价格比Bitcoin的价格更快地增长。他的预测是:当Bitcoin的价格在今年年底将翻一番以上时,重新获得ITWPA60607QTES的历史最高值20000美元,EthuMUM将达到其当前价值的21倍——到2018年底达到15000美元。比特币现在的价格约为9100美元,而EthUM的价值约为690美元。[注:出版后,Ohanian说他说错话了。他想说EthuMUM的价格将达到1500美元。开发者们已经使用EthUM来创建诸如BooKiTwitter这样的应用程序,这是一个基于BigStand的游戏,用户可以在其中培育虚拟猫。包括银行巨头J.P.摩根在内的主要公司也测试了基于EthUUM的技术。Ethune确实有它的竞争对手,当涉及到开发人员寻找构建他们自己的应用程序的BuffLink的时候。举个例子,超分类帐,其开源的BuffClinux框架结构是项目的基础,如ButoStand,一个BangStand项目跟踪钻石。与此同时,像沃尔玛这样的公司也使用超分类帐来测试BoBLink技术来追踪他们的食物供应。


Bitcoin Will Hit $20K in 2018. Here's Why Ethereum Is a Better Bet, Says Reddit Cofounder - Bitcoin Will在2018达到了20K。Reddit Cofounder说,这就是为什么EythUM是一个更好的赌注。

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