Bitcoin Price Jumps on News that Hack-Victim Exchange Coincheck May Be Rescued – 比特币价格飙升的消息,黑客的受害者交流coincheck可能获救


David Meyer

April 3, 2018

David Meyer 2018年4月3日

The price of Bitcoin has seen a roughly 5% bump in the last day, and the cause appears to be a potential rescue for the hacked cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck—from financial services company Monex.

Hackers stole over $520 million worth of NEM cryptocurrency from Tokyo-based Coincheck in January, in the largest-ever breach in the space. Some suggested that North Korea might have been behind the theft.

On Tuesday, Nikkei reported that Monex Group, also based in Tokyo, was “offering to take over Coincheck.” It said the deal, which would give Monex a way into the cryptocurrency exchange business, could be formally announced this week.

Monex itself then issued a statement in which it confirmed “we have been considering the acquisition of the cryptocurrency firm mentioned in the report today but have not made any decision yet.”

“Moving forward, should there be facts determined by Monex Group, Inc. that need to be disclosed, we will do so in a timely and appropriate manner,” the company said.

Monex (mnxby) noted that it had recently been ramping up its experiments with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. “As part of our efforts, we set up the Monex Cryptocurrency Lab in January this year, and have also been considering the secure and socially responsible cryptocurrency (crypto-assets) business,” it said.

Japan’s Financial Services Agency told Coincheck to get its systems in order after the hack—the exchange had been storing customer assets in an internet-connected “hot wallet,” which is something of a security no-no. The regulator also told Coincheck to implement anti-money-laundering measures.

According to Nikkei, the cost of implementing these changes may have led Coincheck to look for outside support. The publication said the deal would see Coincheck founding president Koichiro Wada and chief operating officer Yusuke Otsuka step down.

The price of one Bitcoin was $7,417 at the time of writing on Tuesday morning.

比特币的价格出现在最后一天,大约5%块,而原因似乎是窃取cryptocurrency交换coincheck金融服务公司Monex潜在的救援。黑客窃取了价值超过5亿2000万美元的基础coincheck NEM cryptocurrency从东京在一月,在有史以来规模最大的违约在空间。一些人认为朝鲜可能是盗窃案的幕后操纵者。上星期二,日经新闻报道,日本Monex集团,总部也在东京,是“offering接管coincheck.”说这笔交易,这将给Monex走入cryptocurrency交换业务,可以正式宣布本周。Monex本身则发表声明,证实“we一直考虑的cryptocurrency公司报告中提到今天的收购却没有做出任何决定yet.” “moving提出,应该通过Monex集团确定的事实,公司需要披露的,我们将及时和适当的方式这样做,”的公司表示。Monex(mnxby)指出,最近被提升的blockchain技术cryptocurrencies实验。“as部分我们的努力,我们建立了今年一月Monex cryptocurrency实验室,也考虑到安全和社会责任的cryptocurrency(密码资产)业务,”说。japan’s金融服务机构告诉Coincheck让其系统为交流已经在一个互联网连接的“hot钱包存储客户资产”破解后,这是一个安全的好东西也告诉Coincheck器实施反洗钱措施。据日经,实施这些变化的成本可能会导致coincheck寻求外部支持。本刊说这笔交易将看到Coincheck创始人Koichiro Wada主席和首席运营官Yusuke Otsuka下台。星期二早上,一个比特币的价格是7417美元。


Bitcoin Price Jumps on News that Hack-Victim Exchange Coincheck May Be Rescued - 比特币价格飙升的消息,黑客的受害者交流coincheck可能获救

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