As Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Slam Bitcoin Once Again, Prices Retreat from $10,000 Push – 随着比尔盖茨和华伦巴菲特再次猛击比特币,价格从10000美元推高。



Lucinda Shen

May 7, 2018

Lucinda Shen 2018年5月7日

Bitcoin’s reach toward $10,000 over the weekend was once again cut short—falling to $9,300 on Monday.

Deciding exactly what is impacting the price of Bitcoin at any time is no science. Though it certainly didn’t help that billionaires Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Bill Gates have taken turns criticizing the cryptocurrency in recent days.

“I would short it if there was an easy way to do it,” Gates told CNBC’s Squawk Box Monday in an interview alongside Munger and Buffett. It’s likely the most explicitly bearish statement against Bitcoin from the Microsoft founder and Berkshire director. Previously, Gates aired concerns about cryptocurrencies being used to pay for illegal transactions, saying the asset class has “caused deaths in a fairly direct way.”

Gates clarified that though he thought the blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies that is being tested also in diamond-tracking as well as pig-tracking, is promising, “[Initial Coin Offerings] and Bitcoin are not producing anything, it’s kind of a pure greater-fool-theory type investment.”

That interview comes following the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting Saturday, in which both Buffett and Munger doubled down on their distaste for Bitcoin.

Buffett called Bitcoin “rat poison squared,” while Munger said that trading cryptocurrencies is akin to having “dementia.”

Buffett has also sworn that he will never buy cryptocurrencies, saying he does not understand the asset.

Despite Buffett’s investing acumen, the Oracle of Omaha, though, has missed the tech rally—only to voice regret later. Buffett historically rebuffed Internet and technology companies, saying he does not invest in what he does not understand, and that such firms have a limited moat against competition. Now however, Berkshire Hathaway’s largest holding is iPhone-maker Apple, with Buffett again admitting Saturday that he made the “wrong decision” regarding Amazon and Google.

Buffett is invested in neither tech giant.

上周末BITCONIWPAP60300 7QTs达到10000美元,在星期一再次回落至9300美元。准确判断什么时候影响比特币的价格是不科学的。尽管华伦巴菲特、Charlie Munger、比尔盖茨等亿万富翁在最近几天轮流批评这一现象。WPA60604QTEI将缩短它,如果有一个简单的方法来做到这一点,WPAP60300 6QTE盖茨告诉CNBCWPAP6037QTES平方盒星期一在采访中,芒格和巴菲特。ITWPA60607QTES可能是微软创始人和伯克希尔公司董事对比特币最明显的悲观声明。此前,盖茨一直在关注对非法交易支付密码的担忧,他说资产类别有一种相当直接的方式死亡。盖茨澄清说,尽管他认为BigStand,在钻石跟踪和猪跟踪中也正在测试的隐密码子技术是有希望的,WPA60604QTE(最初的硬币产品)和比特币没有产生任何东西,ITWPA60607QTES的一种P。更大的傻瓜理论型投资。WPAP60300 6QTE的采访是在星期六伯克希尔哈撒韦年度股东大会之后,其中巴菲特和芒格都降低了他们对比特币的厌恶。巴菲特称比特币WPA60604QTATAT毒药平方,WPAP60300 6QTE,而芒格说,交易隐匿症类似于拥有WPA60304QTEDEMDENET.WPAP60300 6QTE巴菲特还发誓,他永远不会买密码子,说他不理解资产。尽管BuffTwitp60607QTE投资敏锐,但Omaha的甲骨文公司却错过了这次科技大会,只是后来声名狼藉。巴菲特历史上拒绝了互联网和科技公司,他说他不投资于他不理解的东西,而且这些公司对竞争有着有限的护城河。然而现在,伯克希尔哈撒韦公司PAP60300 7QTES最大的控股公司是iPhone制造商Apple,而巴菲特星期六再次承认,他在亚马逊和谷歌方面做出了WPAP60300 4QTebug决策WPAP60300 6QTE。巴菲特不投资于科技巨头。


As Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Slam Bitcoin Once Again, Prices Retreat from $10,000 Push - 随着比尔盖茨和华伦巴菲特再次猛击比特币,价格从10000美元推高。

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