A Verbal Cryptobrawl Broke Out at the Milken Institute Global Conference – 米尔肯研究所全球会议爆发了一场言语性的口角。




May 2, 2018


A cryptocurrencies panel at the Milken Institute Global Conference was more like a cryptobrawl — no punches but a barrage of barbed comments.

“All this talk of decentralization is just bullsh*t,” said Nouriel Roubini, an economist known as Dr. Doom for predicting the chaos of the 2008 financial crisis.

“Everything you just said is irrelevant,” shot back Alex Mashinsky, a blockchain entrepreneur who was an early developer of the Voice over Internet Protocol standard.

“I don’t even know where to begin,” Bill Barhydt, who worked on cryptography for the CIA, responded to Roubini.

The moderator, Reuters journalist Anna Irrera, called for a time out to cool things off. Then the feds weighed in. “I may need to step in and regulate this panel,” said Brent McIntosh, general counsel for the U.S. Treasury and another panel participant.

Billed as a sober discussion to a ballroom where every seat was filled, the panel meandered into shouting and crosstalk. Passions are running high nearly everywhere in crypto. Many predict the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum will change the world. Others see failure looming.

Bypass Banks

Among skeptics, few match New York University’s Roubini. Digital coins aren’t currencies because they aren’t a store of value, he argued. And they’re worthless for payments because Bitcoin and Ethereum’s blockchain technology can’t handle nearly the same volume of transactions as Visa Inc., he added.

Mashinsky said crypto assets will let people bypass banks.

“You’re just making stuff up,” Roubini replied.

Mashinsky’s company, Celsius Network, lets users lend and borrow cryptocurrencies. He questioned how Roubini knows anything. “Why don’t you buy one coin, then you can tell us how it works,” Mashinsky said.

McIntosh might’ve summed up the situation better than anyone: “Where this all goes, I don’t think anyone knows.” The people who’d just witnessed the fireworks can be forgiven for agreeing.

MikurInstitute全球会议上的一个隐秘专家小组更像是一个无攻击的—,而是一连串胡言乱语的评论。“所有这些关于权力下放的讨论都只是胡说八道,”一位名叫杜厄姆博士的经济学家努里尔·鲁比尼说,他预测2008次金融危机的混乱。“你刚才说的一切都是无关紧要的,”Alex Mashinsky说,他是互联网协议标准的早期开发者。“我甚至不知道从哪里开始,”为中央情报局密码学工作的Bill Barhydt对Roubini做出了回应。主持人,路透社记者Anna Irrera,呼吁有时间冷静下来。然后联邦调查局称重。“我可能需要介入并监管这个小组,”美国财政部和另一个小组参与者的总顾问Brent McIntosh说。作为一个严肃的讨论,在一个每个座位都被填满的舞厅里,这个面板蜿蜒成了叫喊声和串音。在密码学中,激情无处不在。许多人预测比特币和Ethereum会改变世界。其他人则看到失败即将来临。旁路银行之间的怀疑,很少匹配纽约大学的Roubini。数字硬币不是货币,因为它们不是价值的储存,他说。而且,由于比特币和EtUnm的Bo链Stand技术无法处理与Visa公司几乎相同的交易量,所以它们毫无价值,他补充说。Mashinsky说,密码资产将让人们绕过银行。“你只是在编东西,”Roubini回答。Mashinsky的公司,CelsiUS网络,允许用户借钱和借钱。他问Roubini是怎么知道的。“你为什么不买一枚硬币,然后你可以告诉我们它是如何运作的,”Mashinsky说。麦金托什也许比任何人都能更好地总结这种情况:“这一切,我想没有人知道。”那些刚刚目睹焰火的人可以同意。


A Verbal Cryptobrawl Broke Out at the Milken Institute Global Conference - 米尔肯研究所全球会议爆发了一场言语性的口角。

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